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Experienced Expungement Lawyer Seals Criminal Records

Looking to clear a prior criminal charge from your record? We offer fast and easy expungement/expunction and petitions for non-disclosure in Texas for any and all criminal records. Unsure whether you can seal your record? Consult with an experienced expungement attorney at Mercer & Keirnan to find out if you're eligible. Don't overpay for a Texas expungement lawyer. Call today!



Houston Expungement Attorney

Don't let a prior mistake prevent you from getting a job or obtaining an education. 

Houston Expungement Lawyer

Call an expungement lawyer today to find out if your criminal records can be sealed!    (713) 208-7682

Expungement Cost

Part of the expungement cost is the filing fee charged by the court, typically around $300, which is required for any record expungement or expunction. The average lawyer expungement cost for record expungement in Texas is around $1,500. Some lawyers charge upwards of $3,000 to expunge criminal records. The expungement lawyers at Mercer & Keirnan Criminal Defense Attorneys believe that no one should overpay for their expungement cost, especially to clear your criminal record of a dismissed charge.


We offer affordable expungement in Texas. Let the criminal defense attorneys at Mercer & Keirnan help erase your criminal record with fast, easy and affordable record expungement.


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New Texas Expungement Laws in 2017

On September 1, 2017, new Texas Expungement laws were passed to allow even more people with criminal history to get their record sealed. The new laws, found in Chapter 411 of the Texas Government Code, are specifically intended to give first-time offenders a second chance. Two major categories of prior arrests are now eligible to be removed:

  1) certain first time DWI/DUI charges; and

  2) misdemeanor cases resulting in a conviction or guilty plea. 

New Expungement Law in Houston, Texas

Under the new Texas expungement laws in 2017, certain first time DWI's and prior misdemeanor convictions can be sealed by filing a petition for non-disclosure. The new law applies to first-time offenders without a prior criminal record. Read about the new expungement legislation to see if you qualify to have your criminal record sealed under Chapter 411.


Prior to the 2017 expungement legislation, a person must have successfully completed a deferred adjudication to file a petition for non-disclosure and seal a criminal record. If the case resulted in a conviction, the arrest would remain on that person's background for life. The following are all examples of a conviction:


  1) A guilty plea followed by straight probation (rather than deferred adjudication);

  2) A guilty plea followed by jail time and/or a fine not involving probation; 

  3) A "guilty" verdict at trial.    

The new law allows for sealing of certain first-time misdemeanor and DWI/DUI convictions. This is wonderful news for anyone experiencing the many negative effects of a prior criminal conviction.

Which criminal records are eligible for expunction in Texas?

The best way to find out which criminal records are eligible for expunction in Texas is to call an experienced expungement lawyer who is knowledgeable about Texas expungement/expunction law. The following is a list of criminal records that are eligible for expungement in Texas:

  • An arrest in which you were released without being charged

  • A criminal charge that was ultimately dismissed (dismissals after deferred adjudication cannot be expunged, except for  Class C Misdemeanors)

  • An offense for which pretrial diversion was succesfully completed

  • A criminal charge that resulted in a Not Guilty verdict or acquittal

  • An arrest in which your name appears in the record by mistake


If your case is eligible for expunction and you've hired a Houston expunction attorney to get the case expunged, Texas law gives you the right to deny the occurence of the arrest if asked. However, should you deny the arrest on a job application? Every situation is different. Read our blog post on the topic to learn more. 

Which records are NOT eligible for expungement?

The following criminal records are NOT eligible for record expungement/expunction in Texas:

  • An arrest that resulted in a guilty conviction

  • An arrest that resulted in community supervision or probation, except for Class C Misdemeanors

  • Certain criminal charges that were ultimately dismissed but that are still within the statute of limitations period.


**Before you begin the process of expunging your records in Texas, be sure that the offense you wish to expunge is eligible for expungement. An improper understanding of the law can raise your expungement cost, as filing fees are non-refundable. Consult with an expungement attorney for free at Mercer & Keirnan by calling 713-208-7682. We are available 24/7 to answer your expungement questions.

Hire an Experienced Expungement Lawyer

Obtaining an expungement in Texas requires an in depth knowledge of Texas expungement law. By hiring an experienced expungement lawyer, you can minimize your expungement cost and accelerate the process of sealing your records. It is strongly recommended that anyone trying to obtain an expungement or petition for non-disclosure hire an experienced expungement lawyer to make sure that no stone is left unturned. Call the criminal defense attorneys at Mercer & Keirnan for a free consultation with an experienced expungement lawyer and learn how to expunge or seal your criminal record.


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Affordable Expungement in Harris County, Texas

Petition for Non-Disclosure - Expungement alternative

For charges dismissed after successful completion of deferred adjudication, expungement is not available. The alternative is a petition for non-disclosure. Unlike expungements, petitions for non-disclosure can be issued for records relating to an arrest for which probation was performed. Thanks to a new Texas law enacted in September, 2017, certain prior convictions are now eligible for non-disclosure, even if a deferred adjudication was not completed.


Petitions for non-disclosure do not apply to law enforcement agencies or to the courts, however, and the offense may still be used against you if arrested in the future. Petitions for non-disclosure and expungements are alike in that private entities like employers are restricted from viewing records subject to the order. Call an experienced expungement lawyer at Mercer & Keirnan Criminal Attorneys to find out how to clear your record.

How to Expunge Your Criminal Record

You should always consult with an experienced Houston expungement lawyer before beginning the process of record expungement. If you're wondering how to expunge your criminal record, read through Section 55.01 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure. Criminal record expungement in Texas can be complicated and takes considerable time and money. Many offenses are not eligible for expungement in Texas and your application could be denied without refund. Avoid excessive expungement cost and contact an experienced expungement lawyer at Mercer & Keirnan to find out how to expunge your criminal record. CALL TODAY for a free consultation. We will show you how to expunge your record quickly and affordably.

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