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Gerald Williams Pleads Guilty to Death of Teen Leaving Astros Game

Fox 26 News Houston - January 17, 2023

Houston defense attorney Casey Keirnan avoids the death penalty for his client, accused of fatally shooting a teen leaving an Astros game during a road rage incident. 

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'Good Luck to Everyone Who Wants to Kill Me': Houston Man Could Face Death Penalty

Houston Chronicle - July 27, 2022

“(Those cases) are very few and far between,” Keirnan said. “Although we don't have Roe v. Wade, we still have the death penalty ... I promise you, Texas will be the last one to get rid of it. They're gonna hang on to it til the bitter end. Until they can kill as many people as they can for no good reason. The penalty is abhorrent. It does nothing.”

Houston Criminal Defense Attorney Casey Keirnan
Surveillance Video at the Center of Trial on Triple Slaying at Houston Car Dealership

Houston Chronicle - April 3, 2017


On Monday, his attorneys will argue that he is not the man on the damning video. "I intend to prove otherwise," said attorney Casey Keirnan. "He is innocent. This case is very circumstantial and my client has always maintained his innocence."


Houston Criminal Defense Attorney Casey Keirnan
Video Showing Johnny Manziel Partying Surfaces, KTRK-TV March 1, 2016


The big question a lot of folks have is whether authorities are treating this case differently because Manziel is a famous football player. [Casey] Keirnan says that's very possible, and it may not be a bad thing.


Houston Criminal Lawyer
Jury Finds Houston Man Not Guilty In Fatal Drug Sting

Houston Chronicle February 19, 2014


A Houston man charged in a deadly shootout with federal agents after a botched drug sting was found not guilty of capital murder late Wednesday. Alfredo Gomez, 21, was facing life in prison had he been convicted.


Houston Criminal Attorney John P. "Casey" Keirnan
Missing Evidence Drops Charges in Houston Drug Killing

Houston Chronicle September 28, 2010

Prosecutors in midtrial Tuesday dropped capital murder charges against two men after it was discovered that investigating Houston police officers did not give prosecutors or defense lawyers evidence in the case, attorneys for the accused said.

Defense lawyers Bob Loper and Casey Keirnan had audio, not video, of what their clients told police.

Houston Criminal Lawyer John P. "Casey" Keirnan
Harris County Judge Rules Death Penalty Unconstitutional, KTRK-TV March 5, 2010​

Harris County's district attorney is livid after a local judge's ruling Thursday. He said the death penalty is unconstitutional​  


"Today, Kevin Fine has stood up and said the death penalty statute is broken and doesn't work anymore," said Casey Keirnan, Green's Attorney.Even though it's the law in Texas, the judge declared the death penalty unconstitutional. It was a victory for those against capital punishment.

Houston Criminal Lawyer
Retrials Offer Some a Path Off Death Row​Houston Chronical March 25, 2012


One of the most notorious defendants to be retried was 68-year-old Buntion, who gunned down Houston police officer James Irby in 1990. 


Casey Keirnan, one of Buntion's lawyers, said it was not fair that one death row prisoner can get a life sentence while others, including his client, wait for their death warrant to be signed.

Houston Criminal Attorney
Officer's Murder Trial Begins With Emotion​

​, KTRK-TV May 18, 2010


Defense attorneys say they plan to emphasize that no matter how tragic the death of Officer Canales is, neither defendant pulled the trigger and the man who killed Officer Canales is dead.


"He never once anticipated this was going to happen," defense attorney Casey Keirnan said. "As a matter of fact, he didn't shoot Officer Canales."


Houston Criminal Attorney
Texas Judge To Hold Hearing on Death Penalty Law 

USA Today December 5, 2010​


HOUSTON (AP) — In the deeply Republican state that has executed more convicts than any other and the county that has sent the most to death row, an unusual legal proceeding will begin this week: A Democratic judge will hold a lengthy hearing on the constitutionality of the death penalty in Texas.

"We don't say a state doesn't have the right to have a death penalty," attorney Casey Keirnan said. "We're saying the way we do it in Texas under our statute is unconstitutional."

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