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Harris County Criminal Lawyers Association (2014)

Houston Shoplifting Lawyer

Houston Shoplifting Lawyer

Houston Shoplifting Lawyer - Over 40 Years of Experience

Houston shoplifting lawyers Casey Keirnan and Michael Mercer have over 40 years of combined experience defending shoplifting charges. Prosecutors and loss prevention employees who prosecute shoplifting cases rely on surveillance video and eyewitness testimony to prove the case. In most shoplifting cases, the video does not show the entire incident, which creates room for reasonable doubt.  


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Stores like Walmart and Target give bonuses to their employees when they catch a would-be shoplifter. As a result, innocent shoppers are mistaken for shoplifters and taken to jail without an opportunity to explain themselves. The lawyers at Mercer and Keirnan have over 35 years experience defending false shoplifting accusations.

Houston Shoplifting Lawyer

Why Hire an Experienced Shoplifting Lawyer

Hiring an experienced Houston shoplifting lawyer is crucial to your defense. It is natural for anyone accused of shoplifting to have feelings of shame and remorse, and to become hopeless about the future. It is important to remember however that the accused in a shoplifting case, or any criminal case, is presumed innocent until proven guilty. As experienced shoplifting attorneys, we know exactly what evidence to look for when advising our client as to the strength of their shoplifting case. Many are falsely accused of shoplifting because of a forgotten item, or a scanner malfunction, or because they ventured to close to the exit. An experienced theft defense lawyer will make sure that anyone falsely accused of shoplifting will be able to remove this stain from their record and move on with their lives.

How to Drop Shoplifting Charges in Houston

Many clients charged with shoplifting ask me how to drop shoplifting charges in Houston, Texas. An experienced Houston shoplifting attorney will examine the surveillance video and witness statements. Sometimes the video goes missing or we discover that a witness to the alleged shoplifting is not credible and may be lying. The state must prove a shoplifting case beyond a reasonable doubt. In cases where the evidence is missing or we discover our client is actually innocent of the shoplifting charge, we argue for a dismissal of all charges. If the state refuses to drop the shoplifting charge, you have the right to set your case for a jury trial and let a jury determine if the state met their burden of proof.


Once someone is arrested for shoplifting in Harris County, the smartest thing to do is to contact an experienced Houston shoplifting attorney. In cases where the surveillance video shows beyond a reasonable doubt that someone is guilty of shoplifting, an experienced shoplifting attorney may still be able to get the shoplifting charges dropped. In Houston, people with little criminal history or who have only shoplifted a small amount may qualify for pretrial diversion programs. After taking some classes online and maybe doing some community service, the prosecutor will drop the shoplifting charge. Once dismissed, you would be eligible to get the shoplifting case off of your record with an expungement.

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