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Houston Theft Lawyer

Experienced Houston Theft Lawyer- John P. Keirnan

Houston theft lawyer John P. Keirnan has successfully defended theft and shoplifting charges for over 38 years. In Texas, theft is a crime of moral terpitude and can seriously hinder one's ability to find a job or a place to live in the future. Anyone charged with shoplifting or theft should make sure to consult an experienced theft attorney immediately in order to preserve any defenses in their case.



Experienced Houston Theft Lawyer

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At Mercer & Keirnan, theft cases are one of many areas of criminal defense in which we practice. Call now and let an experienced Houston theft attorney advise you how to proceed. 


There are many ways to win a theft case, and only an experienced Houston theft lawyer can ensure the best chance of dismissing your theft case. With more than 40 years of combined experience as criminal defense attorneys, Mercer & Keirnan will fight hard to make sure your voice is heard.


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Shoplifting and Other Theft Charges

Houston Shoplifting Lawyer

A shoplifting charge is another name for theft. Shoplifting is one of the most common forms of theft. The degree of criminal punishment varies depending on the value of the item that was allegedly stolen. If you have been accused or charged with  theft or shoplifting, contact a Houston theft lawyer at Mercer & Keirnan immediately, as there are options available early on in a theft case that could lead to a dismissal.














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Robbery is a felony offense with a considerable range of punishment, including extensive jail time. If you have been charged with robbery, it is essential that you contact a Houston theft attorney at our office immediately. Failure to acquire adequate criminal defense early on in your robbery or theft case can result in heavier punishment and a less favorable outcome in your case. Let a Houston theft lawyer at Mercer & Keirnan help to get you on the right track.



A burglary charge is a serious criminal offense, with punishment ranging from a few years in the penintentiary to life in prison. The seriousness of a burglary charge and the potential for heavy jail time warrants quick action on your part in hiring a criminal defense attorney. The sooner you hire a theft lawyer, the more likely you or your loved one will be able to avoid a theft conviction and move on with your life.


Identity Theft

A person commits identity theft when he/she knowingly steals personal information about another person and uses that information for criminal purposes. Often the information is used to make online purchases, access personal records and accounts, and to commit many other forms of privacy invasion or theft.

Houston Theft Lawyer

"I hired Mercer and Keirnan because of their experience handling DWIs and other charges.  Working closely with them throughout my case, it became very clear that I had made the right decision..."

by T. M. December 30, 2018


"Never been in trouble before and now I couldn't bond out of jail and had a court appointed lawyer who gave me little hope. I found defense attorney Casey Keirnan and Michael Mercer because of their experience as a theft defense lawyer. They replaced my court appointed attorney and everything changed."

by D. O. August 27, 2018


"I hired a top Houston drug lawyer with Mercer and Keirnan to defend my possession of a Controlled Substance Case. After a free consultation with Criminal defense attorney Michael Mercer, Mercer and Keirnan signed on to my case and after a few months my felony drug charge was dismissed!"

by RG One February 5, 2019

Houston Theft Defense Lawyer

Theft Crimes Involving Fraud

A person commits fraud when he/she intentionally deceives someone for the purpose of causing harm to that person. Most theft crimes involving fraud are economic in nature. The penalty range for a fraud charge depends on the amount of damages, the defendant’s background and the nature of the offense. Federal fraud crimes can take many forms, including insurance fraud, Medicare and Medicaid fraud, bank fraud, mail and wire fraud, and internet fraud. Contact a theft defense attorney at 713-236-9700 to learn more about defending fraud charges. 

White-Collar Theft Crimes

Federal offenses that fall under the white-collar crime designation include tax evasion, fraud, money laundering and bad check cases. Defending federal white-collar crimes often involves complex litigation and little known facets of federal law. It is wise to hire an attorney with knowledge, skill and experience defending white-collar crimes in Houston.


At Mercer & Keirnan, Houston Criminal Defense Attorneys, you will find a federal crimes attorney with a unique background in defending federal offenses, with more than 30 years of experience. Contact an experienced federal crimes attorney TODAY to discuss your case and find out how to beat the federal charges against you.


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Houston Criminal Defense Attorneys

Discuss Your Theft Case With An Experienced Houston Theft Lawyer

Experienced Houston theft lawyer John P. Keirnan has defended theft charges for over 38 years. If you or someone you know is facing a theft charge in Houston, discuss your case with an experienced criminal defense attorney at Mercer & Keirnan today for a free evaluationTheft lawyers John Keirnan and Michael Mercer are passionate and dedicated defense attorneys who fight hard to maintain their clients' reputations.

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