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"Lawyer of the Year"

Harris County Criminal Lawyers Association (2014)

Houston Sexual Assault Lawyer

John P. Keirnan - Experienced Sexual Assault Lawyer

For over 38 years, Houston sexual assault lawyer John Keirnan has provided aggressive criminal defense for those facing sexual assault charges. Sexual assault is a very serious offense with dire consequences for those accused. Anyone charged with sexual assault should consult with an experienced criminal attorney immediately to discuss their case and preserve any defenses they may have.


If you or someone you know is charged with sexual assault or any other sex crime, contact an experienced Houston sexual assault lawyer at Mercer & Keirnan for a free 24/7 consultation.




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Sexual Assault Attorney John Keirnan Handles All Sex Crimes

Attorney John Keirnan has successfully defended the following sex crimes:


  • Aggravated Sexual Assault

  • Failure to Register as a Sex Offender

  • Indecent Exposure

  • Indecency with a Child

  • Internet Sex Crimes

  • Online Solicitation of a Minor

  • Possession of Child Pornography

  • Prostitution

  • Solicitation of Prostitution

  • Public Lewdness

  • Rape

  • Sexual Assault

  • Sexual Assault of a Child

  • Statutory Rape


If you or someone you know is being investigated or charged with sexual assault or any other sex crime in Houston, contact an experienced sexual assault lawyer at Mercer & Keirnan Houston Criminal Defense Attorneys for a free 24/7 evaluation.




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Houston Sexual Assault Lawyer

False Accusations of Sex Crimes

False accusations of sex crimes and sexual assault can ruin a person's life. A sex crime conviction can mean lengthy prison sentences and lifetime registration as a sex offender, not to mention the loss of respect among your peers. No criminal charge comes with a stronger presumption of guilt than does a sex crime.


Most people presume guilt when someone is accused of a sex crime, assuming that children and other victims would never falsely accuse someone of a sexual assault charge. In reality, false accusations of sex crimes occur more often than courts would like to admit. An innocent person falsely accused of sexual assault should contact an experienced sexual assault attorney immediately. Many sex crimes can be dismissed after prompt and diligent investigation.

When to Hire a Sexual Assault Attorney

As soon as you or a loved one learns that he or she has been accused of sexual assault, it is time to hire a sexual assault attorney. It is important that you speak with an experienced criminal attorney before speaking with the police. The police may encourage you to make incriminating statements that can be used later against you. The police may say things like "We just want to hear your side of the story" and "We just need to clear some things up". If you are getting phone calls from the police regarding a sexual assault allegation, it is time to hire a Houston sexual assault attorney. 

Sexual Assault Case Makes Houston News Headlines

In 2006, sexual assault attorney John "Casey" Keirnan made Houston news headlines when he successfully argued a motion to have a sexual assault case moved out of a judge's court. Mr. Keirnan argued that the judge illegally denied his client bail, thus denying the accused his due process rights. In the motion, Mr. Keirnan noted that his client, charged with two counts of sexual assault of a child, could not receive a fair trial due to a biased and prejudiced judge who was randomly and arbitrarily denying bond to the accused in sexual assault cases.

Defense attorney John Keirnan has been making news headlines throughout his 38+ year career for the exceptional work he does as a sexual assault lawyer defending sex crimes cases in Houston. Read about other news headlines in our In the News section.

Consult with an Experienced Houston Sexual Assault Lawyer

Do not take the risk of hiring an inexperienced lawyer to defend you against a sexual assault charge or any other sex crime. These cases can be very difficult and require extensive skill and expertise. Consult with an experienced Houston Sexual Assault Lawyer John "Casey" Keirnan for free and learn how to fight your sex crime charge.


Throughout his 38 year career as a criminal defense attorney, John P. “Casey” Keirnan has become a prominent sexual assault lawyer and is well known around the courthouse for his knowledge of the law surrounding sex crimes.




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