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Federal Crime Defense Attorney

Experienced Federal Crime Defense Attorney - Mercer & Keirnan

Casey Keirnan is an experienced Federal Crime Defense Attorney who can help anyone charged with a federal crime such as fraud or drug trafficking to avoid the possibility of a lengthy federal prison sentence. Federal crimes are based on completely different laws than state offenses and require very different legal strategies. Federal investigations are designed in such a way that most people will incriminate themselves without even knowing it. You should always have an experienced defense attorney at your side any time during a federal investigation.


Mercer & Keirnan Houston Criminal Defense Attorneys boast more than 38 years of experience defending federal crimes. We will make sure that the government fights fairly. Going to trial for our clients is something we look forward to with great confidence. No prosecutor will ever intimidate experienced defense attorney Casey Keirnan. 

The classification of a drug offense as a federal crime depends on the type of drug, the amount of drugs found, and whether the drugs were meant for sale or distribution. Drug trafficking, manufacture and sale are typically prosecuted as federal crimes. Possession of certain prescription drugs without a valid prescription may also be prosecuted as a federal crime. Contact a federal crimes attorney at Mercer & Keirnan Houston Criminal Defense Attorneys immediately to avoid incriminating yourself.


Federal agents have authority to seize your assets if they believe it was either used to commit a federal crime or received as a benefit from the commission of a federal crime. Many times, all it takes to seize your money is a positive alert by a drug dog, even though money exchanges hands countless times and often comes into contact with drugs well before the current owner. Contact a criminal defense attorney at Mercer & Keirnan to find out how to get your money back.

Fraud Defense Attorney

A person commits fraud when he/she intentionally deceives someone for the purpose of causing harm to that person. Most federal fraud crimes are economic in nature. Prosecution and punishment for federal crimes consisting of fraud depend on the specific charge, the amount of damages, the defendant’s background and the nature of the offense. Federal fraud crimes can take many forms, including insurance fraud, Medicare and Medicaid fraud, bank fraud, mail and wire fraud, and internet fraud. Contact a Houston fraud defense attorney NOW at 713-236-9700 to avoid a conviction in federal court.

Federal offenses that fall under the white-collar crime designation include tax evasion, fraud, money laundering and bad check cases. Defending federal white-collar crimes often involves complex litigation and little known facets of federal law. It is wise to hire an attorney with knowledge, skill and experience defending white-collar crimes in Houston.


At Mercer & Keirnan, Houston Criminal Defense Attorneys, you will find a federal crimes attorney with a unique background in defending federal offenses, with more than 30 years of experience. Contact an experienced federal crimes attorney TODAY to discuss your case and find out how to beat the federal charges against you.




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